April 17, 2018

Certificate in Desktop Publishing

In today's world it has become absolutely paramount for individuals of this day and age to acquire the basic IT skills to proficiently use a computer.This certificate course is designed to identify, develop and certify individuals with requisite skills and knowledge to utilize a computer in the office, home and school environments. It provides people of all ages with the means to increase their IT skills, prove their expertise, improve their academic performance and advance their professional careers.


No knowledge of computer and/or IT is required to attend this program.

  • Course Content

    The courses that are covered in this program include:

    PC/IT Basics
    Keyboard Basics
    Microsoft Windows
    Microsoft Word
    Microsoft Excel
    Microsoft PowerPoint
    Internet Basics

  • For Whom

    Office Assistants
    Personal Assistants
    Administrative Officers/Managers
    Administrative Officers/Managers
    Marketing/Sales Offices

  • Duration

    Duration:Six (6) weeks. Three (3) hours daily Mondays,Wednesday Fridays.

  • Payment Methods
  • Payment Types

    Full Payment (Attracts discount of Course Fee)

    Installmental Payments (First Payment= 60% of Course Fee)